mardi 29 mars 2011

A new journal launched

I received an email today from the Japanese Society for Immunologists that a new journal has been launched. This journal Frontiers in Immunology is now official journal of IUIS (International Union of Immunological Societies) for the international community of immunologists. Here is an extract of the message from the IUIS.

This is something that the immunological community has been waiting for a long time. There are many good journals around, but there is a clear need for a new type, coherent and strong journal that everybody can feel comfortable with. And not just one journal but many that cover the whole immunology field. If you feel something is missing, we (or you) can add it! Many immunologists feel that there are biases and barriers in the current publishing systems restricting the appearance of full spectrum of activities.

IUIS has made the agreement with Frontiers under the conditions that the publishing process will be fair, unbiased, yet it would not compromise with quality. In addition to publishing, Frontiers will develop other activities on its pages: news forum, handling of meeting proceedings and networking among immunologists. It can provide a platform for societal activities of the many immunological societies at various levels. We hope to generate a world map of immunology on its pages.

The beginning is exciting but the future is in the hands of people in the field who are struggling in the environment, rather harsh. I found it interesting because the journal tries to solicit, albeit partially, a systematic understanding and an integrative thinking in the field. It may be worth looking after its development.

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