vendredi 25 mars 2011

At a meeting held at ENS

When I was a master, I walked around this neighborhood almost everyday. It has already passed two years since then. Amazing! Those times are still with me, juste à côté de moi. Today I went to the ENS to attend the international symposium on mechanisms. The entrance was like this. It reminded me of my student days. One of the reasons that I went there was to listen to his talk and to talk with him.

Pr. Carl Craver
(Washington Univ., USA)

Last October, I attended the seminar of Ken Schaffner (Univ. Pittsburgh) in Paris. After the seminar, I asked him for some information and he promised to immediately contact his colleagues in the States. And Carl was one of them who responded my questions and proposed to meet in March. Apparently, this symposium was already scheduled at the time.

His talk was interesting because it seems to explore a new domain of philosophy of science. And his style of philosophizing is to dig deep into the actual scientific data and developments, and to analyze their significance in light of philosophical and historical ideas. There is little metaphysical contemplation. He seems to like bottom-up approaches. After the seminar, I mentioned about my personal trajectory and attitude toward philosophy. He immediately recommended to read a book that supposed to contain all I wanted to know. It was a nice meeting.

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