vendredi 18 avril 2008

Finalement, les vacances de printemps commencent

Marc Riboud (24 juin 1923 à Lyon - )

Deux semaines de vanaces commencent dès ce week-end. Je suis heureux parce que j'aurai le temps de me concentrer sur les sujets de mini-mémoires et de me préparer pour l'examen oral. Après avoir fini tout cela, je commencerai à écrire mon M1 mémoire. Les vacances d'été seront très intéressantes. Lire, penser, écrire, voyager, relire, réfléchir, récrire et voyager, si possible ....

En même temps, je me sens un peu triste, peut-être parce qu'on ne peut que regarder le temps passer. A la place de la Sorbonne, l'exposition de Marc Riboud, "MAI 68", se déroule maintenant. On peut y regarder ce qui s'est passé il y a 40 ans au même endroit. Pendant 40 ans, qu'est ce que j'ai fait ? J'en suis satisfait ? Tout ce que je peux dire maintenant, c'est que toutes mes activités pendant 40 dernières années m'ont guidé sur le chemin de la philosophie à Paris.

Two weeks of the spring vacation has started from this weekend. I feel relieved for the first time since I came here in Paris. However, there are many things to do during this vacation. For example, two mini-mémoires of 15 pages each, and one dissertation. For mini-mémoires, I am planning to write about the biopolitique of Michel Foucault and about the concepts of disease and health of Georges Canguilhem. Furthermore, I'll have to prepare for two oral examinations on 150 pages of extracts from about 10 philosophers of sciences. This will the first time to take oral exams. Naturally, I am a little nervous. All these things are too much for a person who wants to learn French by studying philosophy here in Paris. Probably because of this, all of the French scientists who I met here said to me "You are courageous". This is in strong contrast to the Japanese counterparts who said "I envy you".

Regardless of this hard student life, I am satisfied to be able to lead a life free of sense of obligation. If I want to read, I can read as much as I want without thinking of time and place. I can spend time as I want. This is something precious, de luxe. Being in a situation without obligation, you can think about very basic things in life in such a way that you don't think for something but think for think sake. Look directly into things without thinking of its significance or its applications, for example. The first thing I noticed in French philosophy when I came here is this non-utilitariste attitude and honestly I was impressed by that. To do this, however, you have to have time. As Pascal once mentioned, people don't use time for this type of activity but use it for divertissement. I am beginning to understand what Pascal intended to say.

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