jeudi 30 juin 2011

The present is indeed connected to the past

During my stay in NYC, I visited my old apartment. I was surprised that I got a little nervous when I was about to see it. It may have been like meeting an old girl friend. Unfortunately I could not meet any doormen whom I knew. But the person in the photo told me whereabouts of all people. From there I followed the way to the Institute that I had taken everyday. It was a sentimental walk, but nice.

As I mentioned in the previous article, I had a chance to talk with Prof. Hammerling. He said to me an interesting thing. The reason why I entered the field of philosophy may have been linked to the fact that I had worked with a British scientist for 5 years in NYC. In fact, the same idea did occur to me a few hours before meeting him. At the time, I was at a coffee shop and suddenly asked myself why, now, I was doing something like this here in Manhattan. I felt that the past was indeed connected to the present. It was a nice feeling.

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