mardi 28 juin 2011

Back from New York City

Adam and


Fernando Botero
(b. April 19, 1932)

I was back from NYC this morning. The reason why I could not write in here for a month or so is that I simply did not have time for it. I had to present our work at a meeting held at The Rockefeller University in NYC. The field is new to me and I had to struggle for it. One of the difficulties was that I could not figure out how to present it to the audience of which background I did not know. But being with people in the field, I gradually had a better idea to do it. After my presentation, many specialists in the field kindly gave me a variety of suggestions. I felt happy to have an opportunity to talk at the meeting. I am grateful to the organizer's courage to include my abstract in the program.

The major objective of this trip was to see what is going on in the new field. But there was another motive. That was a very personal one. I have spent 5 years in NYC. In fact, I have worked right in front of the venue, and lived only a couple of blocks from it. So this trip became a sort of a home coming. I visited my old apartment and my workplace and had a chance to talk with Prof. Hammerling who is still active. I enjoyed every minute of it, although the noise in Manhattan was almost unbearable. Strangely enough, I found for the first time a life in the suburb of Paris calm and peaceful.

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