samedi 22 mars 2008

Listening to Idir

We are in the middle of 3 day Easter holiday. Contrary to the mood outside, I am a little depressed because I have to prepare for the examination of basics of philosophy of sciences. Particularly for logic, many things to be learned and learned differently. I am not in the mood for logic this holiday. Instead I listened to the music of Idir, a musician, born in a Berber village in northern Algeria. I got to know him only a few days ago. His photo, along with Gandhi (see the previous post), was up in the metro, but his face was not familiar. So I asked a young lady waiting just next to me and she spelled out his name. And violà. I loved his music. It has a nostalgic air, and I can feel an energy from somewhere deep inside. I hope you will also enjoy it.

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YouTube : 1, 2, 3

I don't know why, but I have been attracted to the Maghreb countries for last several years. His music makes me feel like visit these countries sooner and experience their cultural ambiance. From Paris, it is only a few hours flight away. I hope I can achieve this goal this year.

(March 25, 2008)
I posted the same article in the Japanese blog and received today a comment from one of the readers who corrected the identity of the person in the photo next to Gandhi. That is not Idir but famous comedian Coluche (October 28, 1944 – June 19, 1986). You can check the validity for yourself. In any case, I am happy to have got to know one more new person in this world.

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