samedi 16 octobre 2010

Back from complexity in Canada

Last Wednesday I came back from Canada. I had attended the "Integrating Complexity" conference in London, Ontario. It was organized by the team of University of Western Ontario. Before and after the conference, I spent a couple of days in Toronto. It was a nice change to be in an English-speaking world. At the conference, interesting topics at the crossroad of science, philosophy, history and humanities were discussed. Also I met many people in this field. The followings are a few among them.

Organizer: Prof. Gillian Barker (Univ. of Western Ontario)

Prof. Robert Richards (Univ. of Chicago)

Prof. Frank Egerton (Univ. of Wisconsin)

Prof. Brian Hall & Dr. Ryan Kerney (Dalhousie Univ.)

Prof. Elliott Sober (Univ. of Wisconsin)

Prof. Marion Blute (Univ. of Toronto)

Ms. Julie Jebeile (Graduate student, Univ. of Paris)

I found that being in North America stimulates different parts of my brain. It had a liberating effect on my obsession with French. I enjoyed the whole week under the maple trees.

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