jeudi 13 novembre 2008

Scenes in Japan (I)

This afternoon I talked about how I perceive what philosophy of science is about, how science and philosophy should interact, and philosophical questions that I have now in my scientific field. To my surprise, it was greeted with great enthousiasm. Scientists today are under enormous pressure to survive. Because of this, even if they would like to think about his findings or his field from the philosophical perspectives by putting everything together in a grand context, they cannot do it. They cannot do it simply because they don't have time. I sensed their frustration during our conversations with them, particularly with people from abroad. I am convinced this type of approach to science will bring us something special in the future. And I said to myself anew that I'll have to deepen my thoughts on how philosophy can contribute to science. I was also fortunate to be able to obtain several important scientific facts that are critically related to what I am thinking now. So I have to conclude my decision to submit an abstract without any scientific data to this meeting was a right one. Attending this meeting was very fruitful, both scientifically and in terms of renewing a personal friendship with members in our scientific field, and it gave me a sense of duty or responsibility, for the first time in my life, to do something about science. It turned out to be an amazing visit to Japan.

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